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Superior Signs provides high-quality design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance for all your signage and lighting needs. 

Your business sign is usually the first thing your potential customers notice about you. That is why it’s important to keep your sign well maintained and working properly. There are many factors that can cause your commercial sign to need a little TLC. Sign maintenance and repair will take care of all the things that will eventually plague your commercial signage. Over time a sign will fade or crack, bulbs will need to be replaced, extreme weather conditions and accidental damage may cause problems.

Sign Maintenance and Repair

At Superior Signs, we place safety and prompt service at the top of our priority list to ensure timely support and repairs.  Whether you got your sign from us or from another company, Superior Signs is your go to source for all your repair and maintenance needs. 

Our skilled technicians are capable of maintaining and repairing all types of interior and exterior commercial signage including the following:

  • Channel Lettering
  • Monument Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Interior Signs
  • Custom Signs
  • Electronic Message Displays
  • Parking Lot Lights
  • LED Upgrades & Bulb Replacement
  • Auger Services
  • Crane Services

Our Process

Our Work

Here are some examples of signage we’ve done for our clients.