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Superior Signs provides high-quality design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance for all your signage and lighting needs. 

From large retailers to small mom and pop stores, all fighting for the same business, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. We understand the unique needs of the retail industry to engage with the customer through impactful signage. We provide thoughtful wayfinding solutions to drive customers through the front door.

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Retailers who know the market also know that business begins with signage. Investing in quality signage is a proven cost-effective technique to push foot traffic as well as communicate with your customers. In the world of retail, customer loyalty ranks very high in the pecking order of priorities. Customers don’t stick with brands that rest on their laurels after reaching a certain point. As a retailer, you need to put in consistent effort to let your audience know you care about them. A massive component of this effort is through visual communication. Persuasive signs have direct effect on consumer flow, which is exactly why signage should be a priority and never an afterthought.

Just as your product needs to be both functional and attractive in order to sell, your signage has to be useful and exciting. When competition is as intense as today, uninspiring signs just don’t make the cut. They need a high level of development and consideration to be functional, and the process isn’t always easy. However, the effort does pay off. Signage has the potential and functionality to almost replace manpower in retail. They can easily be assigned on-the-job tasks such as product information and wayfinding assistance.

Successful brands also know that the retail industry requires signage to narrowcast as well. Addressing different audiences with different approaches makes navigation easier for the brand as well as for the consumers. Informational signage is a part of narrowcasting. Not only does it help you organize your stores and give them better structure, it also lets customers enjoy the systematicity.

We are a full service sign company with expertise in manufacturing quality, dependable signs. We have talented craftsman who employ the latest technologies to help your brand shine. We take great pride in providing signs for the retail industry.

Our team of experts perfectly know their way around every aspect of signage solution. Whether it’s in-shop signage for stores or brand development through narrowcasting, we will find a way to assist you.


Our Work

Here are some examples of retail signage we’ve done for our clients.