Tips to Keep your Signage Project on Time and on Budget

By January 31, 2019Commercial Signage

Tips to Keep your Signage Project on Time and on Budget

Most business projects do not meet the initial objectives, no matter the magnitude of the project. This also includes setting up business signage or developing an outdoor monument. Ensuring that you deliver the project within the timeline seems to be a challenge to many managers. In this article, we feature some of the things to consider so that you can run a successful signage project and deliver on time and within the budget.

  1. Involve only the Key Decision Makers

Experience has it that involving many people delays a project. Even when making decisions about signs, it is important you only involve the key decision makers for a shorter implementation period.

  1. Assign a Primary Point of Contact


The signage contractor needs a point of contact who to communicate important information with. It is important that you pick a person who can make important decisions to avoid back and forth of seeking approvals. Having one key person in charge of communications ill keep the project from descending into a bad game of un-replied emails

  1. Ensure a Dedicated Key Person

Do not assign a project to a person who always registers absenteeism. It is important that your signage contractor works with a person who is always available when needed. Therefore, when appointing a contact person, make sure the person commits his or her time on the project. This will facilitate the completion of the project on time and within the budget.

  1. Nail Down the Details During the Beginning of the Project

Signage projects are often incredibly detailed endeavors. Thinking through all the necessary details helps to ensure smooth implementation of the project. To achieve this, determine the goal of the signage project, and classify it as a long-term or a short-term commitment.

  1. Determine the Project Budget and Set it Aside

Budgeting is an important step of any project. It is critical that the business owners set aside the monies to avoid stopping the project that is in the project because of financial problems. Only commit to a project when you have adequate financing or a reliable source of financing.

  1. Come up with a Project Plan

For project success, it is important that you draw a plan. A well-implemented plan guarantees project success while also ensuring all stakeholders involved are available for the project.

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