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Tips for Effective Outdoor Retail Signage - Superior Signs RVA

Tips for Effective Outdoor Retail Signage

By September 30, 2019Commercial Signage

Tips for Effective Outdoor Retail Signage

When it comes to advertising, things are getting complicated for retailers and small startups. This is considering the fact that audiences are digitally driven, than ever, making it quite challenging to reach them. This is especially when it comes to trying to competing for the attention of people whose eyes are glued on the small screens they carry around (phones, tablets, and PCs). For the placement of your outdoor ad, you have to be smart and make the right decisions to win the attention of digital consumers. In this article, I will share insights carefully selected to help the small startups with outdoor signage design and placement, to generate more foot traffic to their stores.

  1. Ensure your outdoor signage is clearly visible

This might seem so simple, but there is more to this than meets the eye. The effort and creativity on your outdoor signage will be less resourceful if the signage is not clearly visible. The overall purpose of the signage is informing the target audience of your products and services, and letting them understand how important the product is to the target audience.

Ensure clarity, and make sure the message is simple to decipher. It is much more beneficial when you keep the signage visible. The secret is choosing a location where the signage is visible to onlookers.

  1. A minimalist approach will go a long way

When designing the signage message, remember that a minimalist approach will help to deliver the message with not so much effort. Remember that the audience has other things in their mind, and so no much time to read the entire message. Keep the text visible and ensure a simple color choice. It is important ensuring that the advert is stunning and intriguing to the onlookers, but ensuring this is done in a minimalist manner helps. Adding more than what is required makes it difficult for the audience to read.

  1. Pick a perfect color

If you will be able to attract the audience, you should pick an attractive color. Ensure the text and the images have a perfect color and one that is easy to recognize. If you have a brand color, it is advisable that you use the same color for your outdoor signage. Pair light color shades of letters against a dark background.

  1. Ensure Formatting makes it easier to read

The font type and color of text matter when it comes to ensuring ease of reading the exterior signage message. The font selected should make it simple for the audience to read and understand the message. With a good font, the audience will not end up struggling to read the text.

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