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storefront signage design and installation tips to ensure success

Storefront sign ideas: How to attract customers to your store

By February 6, 2020Commercial Signage
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Storefront signage plays a critical role in attracting customers to your store. Whether your business is located along a busy pedestrian passage or tucked away in a quiet street, having the right Storefront signage helps to draw customers. Probably you want to add a quirky message so that you can draw people`s attention. On the other hand, perhaps you have a temporary offer and you want to communicate with your customers.

According to a recent survey by FedEx, 91% of small business owners agree that readable graphics still plays a significant role when it comes to driving customers to their business.

Therefore, in this post, I share some important tips to consider when designing and installing your storefront signage.

  1. Define the Purpose of each Signage

Before you have ordered for design and installation of roadside signage, it is necessary that you ensure you have a perfect plan for each signage. For instance, the reason why you need outdoor signage could be to communicate with your clients about new products available at your store. Whatever the reason why you are designing the storefront signage, it is imperative you ensure an effective messaging for each of your signs such that it matches the intended purpose.

  1. Entice your target audience in

The people strolling past your business are not just pedestrians. They are your potential customers. The reason you need storefront signage is to attract these potential customers to walk in and check what you have on offer. Therefore, you want to ensure the messaging is right so that you can effectively attract the customers into your store.

  1. Make sure the sign is readable

When designing the storefront signage, consider how easy it will be for people to see your business. Consider a font that is viewable from across streets to maximize the effectiveness of the road sign. Remember that those in moving cars are also potential customers. Therefore, they should be able to see the storefront signs from a distance.

  1. Choose Colors Carefully

The contrast between the storefront signage and the background will affect storefront signage readability. Therefore, ensure a well-designed outdoor banner that can reflect positively on your business.

Do not forget the effects of glare from the sun as this makes it hard to read the roadside signage. Therefore, choose colors that will allow proper readability even when there is lots of direct sunlight.

  1. Focus on ensuring your message sticks

Ensure that the signage is always visible. Remember that your customers could potentially pass by the business several times a month. Therefore, your signage should be visible always. Take advantage of window decals that helps you to display practical information. This includes available payment options, hours of operation and other important communication.

  1. Avoid Clutter on your storefront signage 

Clutter is the worst mistake you will make when it comes to designing storefront signage. Remember that less is desirable when it comes to storefront signage. Do not forget about the reading distance when it comes to designing signage. Your customers should be able to read your messages from further away.

When designing roadside signage, make sure you come up with an exciting theme. The overall objective is to attract customers into your store. In that regard, make sure the signage is readable from a distance.

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