Pylon Signs in Virginia

Solutions for powerful on-site branding

Harley Davidon PylonPylons stand out, literally. Pylon signs are usually mounted on structures that are taller than most houses and offer excellent roadside exposure. The entire idea behind pylons is to catch the eye of people at a distance, especially those on a highway. So, it goes without saying that a pylon only has a couple of seconds to impress in any given situation. No driver will stop in the middle of a road to take a second look at displays.

The pressure is on you to create a pylon that gets the job done at first glance. We know that is easier said than done. Pylons aren’t small structures to begin with, and installation takes effort. Besides, placing a pylon at the right place for the right audience is instrumental to its success.

The professional staff at Superior Signs RVA will be readily available to work with you to create and appropriately install inspiring, eye catching components for these gigantic free-standing sign structures. Call us at (804) 271-5685 to further discuss pylon signs and all things signages.


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