Four Basic for signage display placement

By July 5, 2019Commercial Signage
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Four Basic for signage  placement

You have invested a huge amount of money to design compelling business signage. Now, you definitely want to make sure that you fetch good returns out of this initiative. Signage placement is a major factor in business advertisement. You have to make sure that you choose the signage placement site carefully. In this article, we feature the things you need to consider when choosing the signage placement location.

  1. Permits and Restrictions

Even prior to designing the signage, permits and restrictions is a major factor to have in mind. The same still applies when it comes to signage placement. Which locations do the local authorities permit and which ones are not permitted? How much will it cost to apply for the signage placement permit? Note that not all locations will be charged the same amount. Some locations are considered prime and hence the permit is higher compared to the other areas. Basically, you have to choose the area where the cost is convenient and where the local authorities permit you to place the signage.

Will you get relevant views

The essence when designing the business signage is to attract views from potential and existing customers. Therefore, you need to consider the people who pass around the specific area. For instance, if you are targeting footballers and football fans, business signage next to the main football pitch will get more valuable views and have a greater impact compared to business signage located next to a gym. Of course, footballers will go to the gym, but the numbers will be less compared to those who go to the football pitch. Ideally, you want to ensure you are targeting a more, and relevant audience.

What is needed to mount or install the signage?

For digital signage, you require a source of power. Therefore, if you have designed the digital signage, you have to target a placement where you will have a reliable source of power. Advanced digital signage comes with power backup. You will also require to recharge the battery, and so irrespective of whether the signage comes with inbuilt battery, you need a reliable source of power.

Consider the Signage Durability and exposure to harmful factors

Another important consideration is the durability of the signage. Ideally, you want to make sure that the signage is not exposed to harmful conditions. That is why you have to choose an installation site with some form of protection. Alternatively, you can make a shade for the signage.

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