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Channel Lettering

Channel letters are a great way to promote your business. When illuminated from the face they can create a bold bright statement at night. If you are looking for a more elegant treatment, a backlit channel letter will create a nice halo effect. Let our consultants work with you to develop a look that enhances your brand.

The age-old saying that suggests that first impressions are the last holds true in the marketing world. This logic is important with channel letters because they have a “stopping power” like no other form of signage. It is no surprise that most chains (local and international) choose to use channel letters to mark their physical locations. In the process, not only do channel letters project a professional image, but they also (often) become the defining feature of a storefront.

The best part is that channel letter advertisement provides businesses with 24-hour client awareness. Day or night, channel letters stand loud out at all hours. There is some room for experimenting with stand-out channel letters. In fact, channel letters that stand out draw in more customers through the doors. For instance, in the middle of a shopping complex, the establishment with the most eye-catching channel letters tends to steal the show. Often, the most eye-catching channel letters even go on to become area markers.

If you are on the lookout for assistance with the creation of channel letter signs, you won’t regret letting Superior Signs RVA lend a hand. Our team of specialists will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the way. That includes manufacturing, installation and maintenance. All you need to do is contact us. You can give us a call us at (804) 271-5685 or message us on our website.


Halo Lit Channel LettersHalo-Lit Channel Letters are also knows as Reverse Channel Lit Letters.  These letters consist of aluminum fabricated faces and sides (returns) mounted onto standoffs away from the wall.  This allows the LED’s to project off of the Lexan backer.  If you desire a dramatic and distinctive look, Halo-Lit Channel Letters are a good choice.

Face Lit Channel LettersFace-Lit Channel Letters (or Front Lit) are the most comon type of channel letter signs.  The letters consist of an aluminum fabricated back and sides (returns) with internal LED’s and an acrylic face.

Face and Halo Lit Channel LettersA combination of Face and Halo Lit Channel Letters is another option.  With this type of channel letter, the letters illuminate from the front and back giving your sign a unique appearance.

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