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February 2019

Important Considerations When Designing Exterior Signage for Online Business

By | Commercial Signage

Important Considerations When Designing Exterior Signage for Online Business

Although we are moving more towards the digital world, the outdoor business signage is still relevant. As we transition from the brick-and-mortar businesses to a world of digital marketing, business owners are tempted to phase out business signage. But did you know that business signage is important even for online businesses? Apart from being the most important marketing strategy for local businesses, even online businesses should consider putting up exterior signage. Just like you would do when setting up the online presence, there are various traits to consider when coming up with the business signage. Consider the following when setting up business signage for your “digital” business.

  1. The Local Laws and Regulations

Of course, you must follow the local laws when you are placing the signage. Different regulations apply on signage use. The local authorities in your area regulate signage placement To avoid falling into trouble, check with the authorities on the regulations that apply in your area and make an effort to comply before you begin placement of signage.

  1. Think Digital

Make the basic local signage look beautiful and attractive by choosing the digital signs. Consider the benefits of LED in signage, and how the illuminated signs improve the appearance of signage. Nowadays, only a small percentage of businesses are not using digital signs. Consumers are finding digital signs more attractive and eloquent. This is compared to the traditional silent signage. Consider an upgrade of the existing signage into digital signage that looks modern and more attractive. This is, in the same way, you would upgrade your business website to make sure it looks nice and attractive.

  1. Think International

When developing signage for a business with an online presence, do not only factor the local audience. Think global and consider signage that appears appealing to global audiences. This might sound ridiculous, but then today’s digital savvy clients are taking photos and posting on social media. That is why it is important adding at least your email address, or the website URL on the outdoor signage. You will be surprised how this helps in generating more sales that are international.

  1. The Location Matters

Just in the same way you want your website to rank high, you want your exterior signs to be noticeable from a distance. The best approach for achieving this is by choosing a good location for your signage. In addition, focus on making the signage attractive to the eyes. This ensures that your exterior signage is easily noticeable from a distance.


Even in the digital era, the exterior signage is important for your business. exterior signage will help to drive traffic to your business. Contact Superior signs Virginia today for digital signs for your business.