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Parallax - Wayfinding

What You Should Know about Wayfinding Signage

By | Commercial Signage

What You Should Know about Wayfinding Signage

Parallax - Wayfinding

Parallax – Wayfinding

Wayfinding signage is the most ignored yet most important signage that companies need. We all have had the experience of entering unfamiliar space and you are left looking for a certain place or room. The common question that comes to mind is who designed these signs?

The design of wayfinding signage is often an unexpected adventure in user experience. In other words, signs need to be clear and strategically placed to ensure a great user experience.


In this article, we shall discuss some good practices when it comes to the design, placement, and maintenance of the wayfinding signage, keep reading to find out more.

1.Ensure Consistency

Often, the wayfinding signage is used when the building has been revamped. That is when you will see the floor under renovation. Of course, this is something that does make sense. However, it is important that you maintain consistency in the placement and design of the signs to be used. Consistency should be used when it comes to choosing the colors and also the placement location for the signs.

2. Wayfinding Signs should be branded

Branding for life is the best philosophy to use when referring to signage. The brand colors, fonts, and design elements are important factors to consider. These will represent an often overlooked opportunity when it comes to advertising your business. ideally, customers will capture the brand often and use it when selecting products. Thus, take the wayfinding signage as a branding opportunity that will also advertise your business.

3. Color Coding is important in Wayfinding signs

Although to many color coding might appear old school, wayfinding trends indicate that using color coding is often a sure bet. Thus, place color-coded and branded signage to ensure easy user experience.

4. Replace Wayfinding Signs when Need Be

Another important consideration is ensuring the wayfinding signage is in place and also in good shape. Is the signage visible, strategically placed and in good shape? Regular maintenance should be done. This will ensure that visitors easily find their way.

Those are some of the important tips to have in mind when it comes to the use of wayfinding signage. Basically, the goal is ensuring that the signage is placed strategically and satisfies the customer experience.

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