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November 2018

Tips to make your company stand out on a Monument Sign

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Tips to make your company stand out on a Monument Sign

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Are you looking for top tips to make your company stand out on a monument sign? These are the signs placed in malls and various business centers. If your business is located within a busy business center, getting clients to walk into your business is not as easy as it might sound. The secret begins by designing the best monument signs so as to let your business stand out. Here are some tips for monument signage designing that will help place your business on the limelight.

1. Simplicity is Key

We can’t overstress this fact anymore!. When designing your monument sign, you should be looking at establishing a signage that is simple to read and visible from far. This might sound confusing, but then you are looking for a signage that will help the business be easily recognizable. Most of the customers are spoilt of choice and adding a complicated signage will work against you.

2. Add Best Contrasting Colors

High contrast colors and images get a lot of attention from the onlookers. These will entice the eyes naturally and are also visible easily from a distance. Using darker colors like black or dark green and light colors like white is highly recommended.

3. Hire a Professional to Design the Monument Signs

Professional monument sign designers will help your business stand out on monument signs. Basically, this is a highly trained professional who will try everything to ensure your business name shines up there. The professionals know the best contrasting to use and also will advise you on best visible or easily recognizable fonts to use.

4. Pay attention to Size and Position

Size and position of the sign go along way in the quest of making it more effective. Ensure that you position the signage strategically such that it is viewable by as many persons as necessarily possible. The ultimate goal should be channeled towards ensuring your business is visible.

5. Mind the Signs Around

Where will the signage be located in relation to the other signs? You are looking to stand out on the monument signs. If other signs around are similar in terms of color size and also shape, it is best using different colors so that you can stand out. Thus, you might want to talk to the signage designer to include different fonts and designs to ensure your signage stands out from the rest.

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Electrical Signage Maintenance Tips

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Electrical Signage Maintenance Tips

Restaurant SignA company signage should be repaired in case of any major or minor damages. Your signage company also needs to take your facilities manager through a list of sign maintenance do`s and don’ts. To avoid unnecessary expenses due to serious damages, you will want to follow the following electrical signage maintenance tips. The tips listed below acts as a quick and effective guide to take care of your business signage.

  1. Ensure the Electrical signs are Cleaned Up

Your signage company or the signs maintenance company needs to come and have a look at the electrical signage. This creates an opportunity for the company to open up the body of the electrical signage and see or check what is inside the body. In most cases, the signage will have insects, debris and dirt that cause damage to the equipment. This is by covering the signage and in some instances results to dirt that covers the letters. Thus, the electrical signs need to be cleaned to avoid causing damage as a result of standing water or dust.

  1. Change the Burned-Out Lights

All the lighting in the exterior business signs should be working to ensure the visibility of the signs. That is why it is necessary ensuring that the burned out lights placed inside the body or within the electrical sign.

  1. Place a Shade over the Electrical Signs

The electrical signs should be protected using a shade that shouldn’t cover the letters or the signage parts. The shade also protects the signage from fading out and at the same time ensures the harsh weather conditions will not damage the signage. This can cost you much more money upfront, but it also is an investment worth protecting. The protection should be considered as a roof over the electrical sign.

  1. Ensure a Strong Foundation

It is important that you check for dirt and water that stands near the signage foundation. There should also be proper drainage near the sign and you need to check to ensure it is working. You might want to add a trench near the signage to ensure that the foundation will not be at risk of flooded water.

  1. Ensure the Signage is Made Using High-Quality Materials

If you are in the DIY signs, it is important that you ensure the signs are made of high-quality materials. The exterior and the interior panel of the sign should be made of high-quality materials. Use oil-based or the polyurethane paints for the signage panel and solid color stains for the posts. This protects the signage from damages and prevents fading out ensuring the signage is visible.

Those are some of the best maintenance tips for your electrical signs. Are you looking for the best signage maintenance company?  Contact  for the best signage maintenance services.