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Tips for Coming Up With The Best Digital Signage

By | Commercial Signage

Tips for Coming Up With The Best Digital Signage

Channel LetteringWhen it comes to capturing the attention of your customers, the old-fashioned approach still carries the day. This is despite the digital wave that has taken the marketing industry by storm. Marketers are looking for the best approach to ensure that they are able to noticeable by customers. On that note, we might not ignore digital signage as it is one of the best signage and most common in today’ business marketing ventures. The digital signage and the corresponding digital signage software’s have opened up unlimited opportunities for the marketers. In this article, we feature some of the best tips that will help to ensure you have compelling digital signage for your business.

  1. Compelling Color Matters

When we talk of signs, color plays a critical role in coming up with a well-designed color. Think of Coke and McDonald as the example brands that have used colors as a branding technique. Coke uses red while McDonald uses yellow.   Studies by branding experts have shown that about 80% of the recognition of a trademark have something to do with color used. Using trendy colors on your digital signage is a critical factor to ensure you are noticeable. Business owners will use colors to convey their personality through the signs and hence attracting clients. However, when choosing the color for your digital signage, it is important ensuring that longevity is taken into consideration.

  1. Contrast the Color for Readability

Contrasting will determine the readability of the signs. A signs contrast will definitely determine the readability of the signs you are using. It is, therefore, a critical factor when you are coming up with the digital signage. Most signs will include text and images. The contrast used on these two will determine the viewability of the signage. You might consider a dark color on a light background.

  1. The Size is also a Critical Factor

Simply put, the larger the letter, the easier it is to read. This is especially important when you are placing the digital signage on a busy roadside. It helps to ensure the signage is easily read even when the reader is at a significant distance. The digital signage should therefore be sizeable and easy to read from a distance.

With the above tips on digital signage, you will be able to achieve success with digital signage. Make sure that you hire a reputable signage company when coming up with signage. Contact today for the best digital signage.