Tips on How to Come Up With the Best Exterior Custom Signs for Your Company

By April 17, 2018Commercial Signage
subaru building signs freestanding sign

Tips on How to Come Up With the Best Exterior Custom Signs for Your Company

subaru building signs freestanding sign

Companies will use exterior custom signs to show the directions to their customers so as to make it easy to be found. Therefore it is important to give your best when designing outdoor signs so that they can serve the purpose. So what exactly should you look out for when approving routed signs that should be used? Here are some of the tips to have in mind when sourcing exterior custom signs.

Make Sure the Designer Uses Fonts That Are Easy To Ready

The outdoor signs should be easy to read to serve the purpose. One of the main factors contributing to readability is the size and type of font used. Some fonts design will make your routed signs unreadable and therefore the sign fails to meet the expectation. You end up spending more on designing another sandblasted sign because the first one is useless. Remember that even at night the customers also need to see the signs as they drive around. Therefore the color of the font contributes to this ability by being able to reflect back and hence your outdoor sign is read.

Consider Adding a Compelling Reason on Your Exterior Custom Signs

Adding a reason why the customer should buy from you, will impact the customer’s decision. Therefore you should instruct the designer of your routed sign on the best message that should be added to the sign. Something like your company vision towards the customer’s satisfaction could be a compelling sign. On the message add some personalization using the words “your” or “you” among others. This makes the customer feel like the company has really designed the best product for their needs.

Not Too Short and Not Too Long

The exterior custom signs should have a message that is read simply clearly and passes the message instantly. Therefore don’t make it too short such that the customer can’t figure out what you mean, and don’t make it an essay. You might wonder how short is too short and vice versa, but really what we mean here is that customers should easily recognize you.

Test Before Implementing

This is where companies will fail the test, especially when buying sandblasted signs. You should ask the designer to place the sign somewhere you can test it before paying for it. It really shouldn’t be hard as it may sound because some designers (The best designers) will have a sample for you to test so that you can actually say whether you want the same design or a modified one. Therefore next time you are designing an exterior custom sign be sure to buy one that you have tested and agree that it will serve the purpose. How else would you be able to notice unreadable sign without testing?

Our outdoor sign designer will advise you on the best designs, the shortcomings of any one of the designs and the best designs for your need.

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