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Tips For Coming up with Signage that Attract Customers Attention

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Tips For Coming up with Signage that Attracts Customers Attention

Hardee's Charbroiled ThickburgersWe are living in a technology-centric high paced world where we are often talking about advertisements, online marketing, and mobile marketing as the sales drivers. When it comes to grabbing the attention of people, most companies are using old-fashioned signs as their best bet. For many small business owners, in-store signs and graphics serve as the best effective method for attracting new customers. Whatever your preference when it comes to attracting customers, a good signage that is designed to have a significant influence will go a long way in helping your business. Here are some top tips for designing outdoor signage that will attract the attention of customers.

  1. Compelling colors

The choice of color when it comes to signage plays a huge part. Often, the color will help to convey your brand’s identity. Think of big companies like Subaru and Coca-Cola.  These companies have settled on a wise choice of color when it comes to branding. Through an effective choice of colors, your company will be able to be easily recognized by customers. Use trendy colors that will capture the attention of the customers.

  1. Be Aware of Contrast for Readability

The contrast used in signage helps to determine the signs readability. Ideally, contrast is a serious factor for an engaging sign. Most outdoor signs include text or graphics in the foreground. The contrast used in these signs will be critical in attracting the viewer’s attention. For instance, you might consider using a dark color on a light background. This can be white on a blue background or black on a white one.

  1. Remember the Font Size Matters

The larger the letters you use, the easier it will be to read your signage. This is critical when coming up with roadside signage where the readers are at a significant distance. Using small fonts makes it difficult for the readers who are trying to read the signs from a distance.

  1. The First Impression Matters

If you want to thrive in the business world, then you ought to be careful when it comes to creating the first impression. You should focus on pulling the first shot and passing the intended message immediately a viewer has a glance at the signage.

With the above signs design tips, you are guaranteed you are a step ahead when it comes to beating your competitors.

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What You Should Know About Signage Maintenance

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What You Should Know About Signage Maintenance

ManufacturingThe exterior signs serve an incredibly important role in your business. With an eye-popping signage, you are sure that you are making your business more visible and more attractive to the potential customers including the passersby.  However, like all other strategic assets, you ought to make sure you are taking good care of the exterior signs. Therefore, it is important to make sure you are taking good care of the business signage.

The custom outdoor signs serve as monuments and therefore investing in their maintenance is very important. In this article, we will feature the signage maintenance tips for your business. Keep reading to find out what you should do and what you should not do when it comes to business signage maintenance.

  1. Ensure the Outdoor signs are kept optimally clean

Keeping the outdoor signs optimally clean is a top secret when it comes to maintenance of the signage. Therefore, it is important to make sure you schedule for the cleaning of the outdoor signs and keep the signs free from dirt, grime and also rust. Some signs can be cleaned using a simple cleaner. However, for cleaning of some signs you might need to seek professional help. For instance, for some signs, you might be required to use a low pressure and low-temperature water when cleaning the sign.

  1. Hire a reputable signage maintenance company

A professional signage company will offer you the required assistance when it comes to maintenance of the signage.  Therefore it is important that you carefully select the professional signage maintenance company. Traces of cracking and peeling of the exterior signs should be handled by a professional company with experience. This ensures that all the signs are in good condition and therefore your business will have an outstanding appeal.

  1. Apply Protective Coating to the Signage

The signage material should be coated to ensure it is easy to clean and make the maintenance easier. Before the signage is designed, the material should have an undercoat, and then you need to apply an additional coat on which the signage will be done.  This protective coat helps to ensure the signage will last for a long time.

  1. Add a Shade Over the Business Exterior signs

It is important to ensure that you have added a shade over the business sign. The shade helps to elongate the life of the business sign by protecting it from sun and rain. The harsh weather conditions will damage your roof. It might seem to be expensive but it is an investment that pays off in the long run.

The maintenance of your business signage is an important investment. You ought to make sure that the signs are looking good always and that they are visible.

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Reasons Why Digital Signage is becoming the Hype Today for Businesses

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Reasons Why Digital Signage is becoming the Hype Today for Businesses

Superior Signs, SuntrustThe digital signage is becoming a very popular aspect in businesses today. If you have been to most airports, you will realize that many businesses are putting up digital signs. This shows that there is something attractive particularly to the digital signage for advertising. Therefore, it is probably important that you invest in digital signs which have become the hype for businesses today.

In this article, we feature some of the reasons why businesses seem to shift to the digital signage. Therefore, if you have been thinking of making a move to the digital signage, then here are some of the things you should think about. Keep reading to find out.

The digital signs are a Great Way to Advertise Your Business

Businesses are finding the digital signs to be the best way of advertising their services to clients. Actually, when it comes to advertising, these colorful digital signs are a great way of engaging the customers. Imagine a huge digital sign placed in front of the checkout lobby at the airport. It becomes a center of attraction for those checking out and immediately after clearing up at the checkout desk. Therefore advertising on digital signs is one of the best ways of engaging your clients. These digital signs grab the attention of potential customers in a big way.

They are Effective for Scheduling and Sharing Information

Back to our airport example, you will also realize that the digital signs are commonly used to display flight scheduling and share information about flight delays. It is not by chance, it happens because they are effective when it comes to relaying this kind of information. The same would apply to a business that wants to share a lot of their information with a business. This is particularly in businesses where there are several changes taking place often. The digital signs provide a clean schedule for sharing information since they are easily cleaned, and hence people can read and comprehend the information.

They add an Entertaining Element

Want to attract more attention to your signage? Add some entertaining element to the advert. By adding some entertainment, you will be able to attract more attention to the advert. This ability to add an entertaining element to signage is done very well when using digital signs. This is because the digital signs allow you to add some exciting videos, use nice fonts and several other factors including sound.

Environmental Friendly and Cheap Maintenance

The digital signs are cheap to maintain since they just need some dusting. This is unlike the other analog signs that you will have to keep painting to attract the attention of people. When it comes to keeping the environment clean, the digital signs are better since they can be used over and over again. For those using the synthetic material for signage, these can only be reused a number of times. Once disposed of, they take longer to decay.

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Why Business Signage is the Best Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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Why Business Signage is the Best Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Sona Bank monument
Nowadays, companies are facing more competition and therefore running a successful business depends on a number of actionable strategies. The first action that you ought to think of is ensuring that your business has a good signage. In the competitive environment, the only way customers can identify you from the rest of your competitors is through a decent modern day signage. In this article, we share some of the reasons why businesses should invest in a good signage.

To Increase the Brand Exposure

Think of the customers purchasing journey. In most cases, it begins by being aware of the existence of certain products. Basically, your customers will not think of your business if you don’t let them know that you exist. The best approach is taking on signage as a marketing strategy. As businesses adapt to digital marketing, they seem to have forgotten they need to attract the foot traffic as well. Ideally, the same way you are publishing blogs so that you will be easily found online, the same way you need to have your signage placed strategically to direct the foot traffic to your business. Therefore, don’t think of signage as a waste of your monies. Instead, focus on the potential that signage offers your business. With proper signage, you will be able to attract more clients since they are aware of your existence.

Signage Differentiates You from the Rest

Did you know that differentiation is one of the most important strategies in marketing? Ideally, organizations ought to ensure they help their customers to differentiate them from their competitors. A customized signage will help your business differentiate itself from the competitors. However, of utmost importance is the ability to differentiate your business by having a sign that stands out from the rest. Therefore, you need to approach a custom sign specialist who is not short of ideas. Through coming up with customized signs it becomes easier to differentiate yourself from the competitors.

Signage is Cost Effective Advertisement

Every day, it becomes important to advertise your business. Through advertisements, it is the only way to become recognized. However, everyday adverts become expensive and hence eat up on your business profits. However, a custom signage will serve you for years and so you save the everyday cost of advertising. Therefore, businesses should make sure that they invest in signage which is an effective method for advertising their business.
Consistent and clear professional use of signage offers a good return for your business. Ideally, every business that invests in proper signage will benefit from the above advantages of signage. Is your business ready for signage as an effective way to advertise and increase brand awareness?

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The Recent Trends in Signage Industry

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The Recent Trends in Signage Industry

The signage industry has seen several innovations in the recent years. These innovations are mostly oriented towards the needs of the customers. Ideally, customers are no longer satisfied with the traditional business models and therefore they are always looking for something different. Therefore the signage industry is taking shape as new trends become common. In this article, we feature the current trends in the signage industry. Therefore keep reading to find the latest trends that customers continue to adapt.

The Indoor Signs Are Becoming Popular

Business owners are diversifying from the transparent outdoor signs that have been used for years and adapting indoor signs targeting the customers that are already on the premises. Take a walk around most of the stalls in shopping malls and you will discover that featured products are being advertised using the indoor signs. This includes the sale signs, the directional signs leading people to departments and interior signs that tell the people where to buy different products.

The Materials Used for Signage are Changing

As technological advancements continue to take shape, we have also seen advancements in the materials that are used to make signage. The signage companies are shifting towards eco-friendly materials that are presented on high technology surfaces. Combined with the latest technology, the quality is outstanding.

Slim Looking Digital Screens Are Being Adapted

The signage industry is adapting slimmer screens through the use of digital technology. These not only standout when it comes to selling your business, they are also easily customizable in the future. The slim looking digital screens convey messages well and end up sticking in customers mind since they are attractive. The digital screens can be changed to match the way the surrounding environment looks.

Personalization and Interactivity are Becoming Point of Attraction

Through the use of digital technology, the screens in use allow greater personalization just as illustrated above. In addition, these screens are enabling interactivity as customers are able to interact with the signs and also the products advertised. Therefore these are signs that are much more common in digital kiosks and the video walls.

These are the most common trends in the signage industry today. To ensure your business keeps pace with the latest trends in the signage industry, contact


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The Different Types of Business Signage You Need To Know About

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The Different Types of Business Signage You Need To Know About

Signs serve as a silent salesperson to a business. Therefore it is important that your business invests in signage. Above all, choosing the right signage should be prioritized. Therefore, it is important for businesses to set standards before deploying signage. These standards will ensure that your business adapts signage that will match the color code of the company, will have high visibility, and pass the message as required. Like employees, signs should be given on the job tasks so as to ensure they serve the intended purpose. To ensure the chosen signage meets the required standards, you ought to make sure you know the various types of signage and the purpose that they serve. In this article, we focus on educating you about the various types of signs.

  1. The Outdoor Signs

In any physical retail business, the outdoor signage is regarded as the most important.  Consider that the outdoor signs direct your customers to your business.  This is what creates the first impression when new customers are looking for your location. Therefore, it is important to ensure that right from the design your outdoor signage is done perfectly.

Make sure that your outdoor sign will announce who you are and what you do. The signs should draw in customers to your business and create demand for the services or the goods you are selling! Therefore, to ensure the people who have passed your store severally in the past find your location, you should ensure a proper design. The outdoor sign should be branded effectively so as to attract attention from new and existing clients.

  1. The Informational Signage

These are the signs that are also referred to as departmental, directional, and organizational or wayfinding signs.  The directional signage serves to help your clients navigate your space easily. This is when they are placed at passages, or when placed around your business premises. These are the signs that you would want to have placed next to your doorway for the customers to easily find where to seek certain services. Being self-explanatory, these signs will tell your clients the side they need to go when seeking services.

  1. The Persuasive Signage

These are signs that are meant to persuade your customers and influence their purchasing behavior. Therefore, the persuasive signage should be designed differently from the other signs. Basically, these are signs that advertise a particular product and are meant for promotional purposes. They are used mostly by the marketers to improve interactivity with unnoticed products.  The persuasive signs should, therefore, be witty and eye-catching to serve the right purpose.

Key Takeaways

These are the main types of signage that can be used by businesses. They should, therefore, be carefully selected to make sure the business achieves the targeted reason for the placement of the signs. Before you hire a company for your business signage, make sure you have a properly designed reason why the signage should be placed.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Appropriate Signage

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Appropriate Signage


For any business, it is important to invest in branding. To get the brand known to your potential clients, you have to make sure you use signage appropriately. Business signage refers to the use of exterior and internal signs to ensure customers identify your brand easily. Consider a new company that has just launched in Virginia and wants to get noticed easily. Just opening your doors is not enough. You might also consider making it mandatory for your staff to wear the branded uniform daily. This also is not enough to make your business known. Exterior signage and interior business signage is the ultimate price that every business must invest in.

Exterior signage refers to the placement of signs outdoors. You have probably come across many exterior signs showing where a business is located. These are placed on the outdoors and others are placed by the roadside. These are what we refer to as exterior signs. The interior signs are placed indoors. Most businesses will place exterior signs and interior signs to maximize the potential of business signage in marketing.
Before you invest in business signage, you need to consider various factors. In this article, we will also explain some of the factors to put into consideration when you want to invest in signage. Through following these guidelines, you will be assured that you will get the most from your business signage.

Ensure you Keep Signage Simple

One of the golden rules that you need to follow is to make sure that your signage is as simple as possible. Ideally, a simple sign gives information on your business without boring the people who come across the sign. A sign should not be complicated making it very difficult for customers to understand the information.

Choose Colors Wisely

You have to make sure that the color combination is chosen wisely. Note that colors will affect the visibility of your business signage. In this regard, you have to make sure that the background color used makes it easy for clients to read the sign.

Choose the Right Wording

The signage will be the first one to welcome clients to your business. Offensive wording will pass a wrong message to the clients. Therefore, it is important that you choose words that will communicate the right message to the clients. Otherwise, you will pass the wrong message affecting your business.

Choose the Location Wisely

You should make sure the business signage is located where people will easily see the sign. If your signage is covered by bushes or you place it where other signs cover it, you will not be visible and therefore the signage will not serve the right purpose.
These are the critical factors that you should always consider when designing the business signage. In addition, it is always important that you seek expert advice when it comes to business signage. Contact Superior Signs today for the best signage in Virginia.

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Tips on How to Come Up With the Best Exterior Custom Signs for Your Company

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Tips on How to Come Up With the Best Exterior Custom Signs for Your Company

subaru building signs freestanding sign

Companies will use exterior custom signs to show the directions to their customers so as to make it easy to be found. Therefore it is important to give your best when designing outdoor signs so that they can serve the purpose. So what exactly should you look out for when approving routed signs that should be used? Here are some of the tips to have in mind when sourcing exterior custom signs.

Make Sure the Designer Uses Fonts That Are Easy To Ready

The outdoor signs should be easy to read to serve the purpose. One of the main factors contributing to readability is the size and type of font used. Some fonts design will make your routed signs unreadable and therefore the sign fails to meet the expectation. You end up spending more on designing another sandblasted sign because the first one is useless. Remember that even at night the customers also need to see the signs as they drive around. Therefore the color of the font contributes to this ability by being able to reflect back and hence your outdoor sign is read.

Consider Adding a Compelling Reason on Your Exterior Custom Signs

Adding a reason why the customer should buy from you, will impact the customer’s decision. Therefore you should instruct the designer of your routed sign on the best message that should be added to the sign. Something like your company vision towards the customer’s satisfaction could be a compelling sign. On the message add some personalization using the words “your” or “you” among others. This makes the customer feel like the company has really designed the best product for their needs.

Not Too Short and Not Too Long

The exterior custom signs should have a message that is read simply clearly and passes the message instantly. Therefore don’t make it too short such that the customer can’t figure out what you mean, and don’t make it an essay. You might wonder how short is too short and vice versa, but really what we mean here is that customers should easily recognize you.

Test Before Implementing

This is where companies will fail the test, especially when buying sandblasted signs. You should ask the designer to place the sign somewhere you can test it before paying for it. It really shouldn’t be hard as it may sound because some designers (The best designers) will have a sample for you to test so that you can actually say whether you want the same design or a modified one. Therefore next time you are designing an exterior custom sign be sure to buy one that you have tested and agree that it will serve the purpose. How else would you be able to notice unreadable sign without testing?

Our outdoor sign designer will advise you on the best designs, the shortcomings of any one of the designs and the best designs for your need.

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Top Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In Outdoor Signs

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In the age of digital media, it can be easy to feel as if there is no room for non-digital approaches anymore. And you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Digitization has indeed taken over most industries, and traditional methodology is slowly giving in. There are exceptions, however. The outdoor signage industry is a prime example. The age-old practice of using signage for advertising and promotion remains the most useful and productive tool in gaining traction among a wide range of audiences. Every competitive business invests in outdoor display because they know it is indispensable. The moment you are off the boards, you are forgotten.

Business Location

With outdoor signs, location is paramount. If you are a new business trying to bring in customers, there is nothing more important than being noticeable. People on the road often tend to make spontaneous decisions based on what they perceive to be the most appealing option. Consumers are also usually looking for newer options and local businesses. As a company, this is where your outdoor displays will come into action. The most clearly visible, inviting sign will most likely win here. However, you also need to keep in mind that the content of your display is relevant to and sentient of the location and its population. There is nothing that can backfire like an ill-placed message.

Business Visibility

Outdoor signage is also usually unavoidable for passers-by. With proper implementation and positioning of your signage, you ensure that people are constantly reminded of your business without any additional effort. Hotel billboards on highways are the perfect example of this. By placing visible displays along the road, hotels make sure that drivers have no choice but to unwittingly participate in their marketing campaign.

Business Reach

While outdoor signage is aimed at and caters to a wider audience than indoor signage, it also does pose greater construction and installation challenges. One of the major arguments among the skeptics might be the exposure to environmental damage that outdoor signs are subject to. Signage that is out in the open has to endure everything from dust to blizzards. Such exposure means outdoor signs tend to fade in color or lose their readability over time, which calls for constant attention and repair work. After all, no consumer is ever won over with old, tattered displays. Similarly, outdoor signs also take a bit of effort to replace or update.

Yes, outdoor signage demands a bit of maintenance. But the situation isn’t all bleak. In fact, things are only on the up. With constantly improving technology, signage has seen major improvements in the recent years. Most displays today are specially designed to retain visibility even when exposed to sunlight. Modern signs are also built to withstand harm from sun rays as well as unfavorable weather. Moreover, access to easier, more efficient outdoor technology has meant that outdoor signage is no longer unreasonably expensive.

Despite its logistical challenges, outdoor signage is yet to be knocked off its perched in the world of marketing. All things considered, investing in outdoor displays is still an absolute no-brainer.

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Fonts and Branding

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Fonts are generally the most central element of a sign. Most signs rely on their textual component to communicate messages to audiences. So, naturally, when you begin designing a signage project, one of the first decisions you make is the type of font to use. We might not always realize it, but this decision can often prove to be the difference between success and failure.

Each font has its own distinct personality or tone, and there is no font that fits every occasion. Certain fonts work better for large displays and billboards while some might be better-suited for smaller indoor signs. There are also fonts that you would never imagine putting on signs. Let’s discuss the particulars of why font deserves the attention that we might not always give it.

Effective communication In Signage

In a marketing world characterized by cut-throat competition between brands, getting through to customers is no easy task. Consumers have plenty of options, and the onus is on the company to draw people in. The need for businesses to be detail-focused is greater than ever, which calls for them to leverage all the weapons in their arsenal. Font is an important tool here. The font usually ends up being the biggest determinant of how successful displays are in conveying their intended messages. The right font will facilitate easy reading and discerning of a message, which naturally boosts its effectiveness. In contrast, the wrong font can easily keep potential customers from comprehending the message.
Font type and design works in a very subtle, subliminal manner. It directly influences how people read, understand and view text. Consumers form their judgement based on how they perceive the message on a company’s signage. Fonts trigger associations and memories, which might aid or derail your cause depending on how and where you use them. Additionally, they project a range of emotions through their style, design and shape. When done right, they have the power to create a sense of trust or subliminally reinforce the consumer’s confidence in your message.

Consistency in Branding

Careful planning for fonts can go a long way in maintaining a brand’s image. Fonts are naturally at the heart of any signage, and massively impact the effectiveness of the overall project. The fonts used on a sign along with the colors on it are instrumental in ensuring image consistency. It is important for a brand to stick with fonts that reflect the brand’s persona. Typically, companies stick with similar, if not the same, font for a long time. Changing the central font too often risks confusing your audience or worse, annoying them.

Sign Aesthetics

Your signs are definitely like sale representatives: they promote, they sell and they bring in new customers. However, unlike their human counterparts, signs only have a couple of moments to impress. People rarely spend more than a few seconds looking at a sign. The real test of a sign is how effectively it can convey a message in those precious seconds. Ultimately, a sign is only as engaging as its message is.

Readibility is undoubtedly key to a sign’s efficacy, but an indispensable complement is its aesthetic appeal. People are naturally attracted to displays that are easy on the eye, and good-looking fonts make for good-looking signs. However, simply choosing the right type of font isn’t enough. The correct choice of font requires support from its color, size and positioning in order to be pleasant to look at.